Dirty Gutters?

Dont let your gutters build up with leaves, dirt and rubbish. This can cause permanent damage and cause issues in heavy rain. Your gutters should be cleaned once a year or more if your building is close to vegetation.

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Nelson Gutter Vac Solutions

Our commercial gutter vacuum is designed to improve health and safety and reduce overall risks to the operator. Gutters are vacuumed from the safety of the ground using lightweight carbon fibre extension poles and a CCTV inspection system. The easy, economical way to clean your gutters and spouting.

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Give Tony a call at Nelson Gutter Vac Solutions and let them come and give you a FREE no obligation quote to clean your gutters. Our system is OSH approved and self contained. We take all the mess away and leave you with sparkling gutters

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who are we?

Nelson Gutter Vac Solutions

NGVS or Nelson Gutter Vac Solutions was established in 2017 to service the residential, commercial and industrial gutters in the Nelson and wider region. From small carports and houses to large industrial buildings NGVS offers a comprehensive service and can supply a detailed report on the condition of your spouting.

At NGVS we place a high value on our workmanship, reliability and customer service. Our staff are friendly, experienced and professional. All staff receive height safety training to NZ health and safety standards. With our booking system you will receive a confirmation call 24 hours prior to the job.

Our Omni pole vacuum system contains the gutter waste for safe removal from site. Clients can choose to use the gutter waste for compost or NGVS can dispose of this safely.

Gutter Cleaning

We operate a complete mobile service and cover the entire top of the South. Our trained professional staff and top commercial gutter cleaning equipment make our services second to none.

Whether you have a residential building that is in need to a gutter clean or a larger commercial or industrial property NGVS is here to help. Give us a call today for a free quote.

Power Washing

NGVS also offer exterior high pressure washing services. We specialise in roofing and gutter cleaning, but can also wash houses, driveways and decking. Contact us today for a free quote and let NGVS take care of it.

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If your gutters need to be cleaned give NGVS a call today and we will come and give you a free quote. No job is too big or too small.

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